Ahmed Muzammil Jamal - a letter to my 18-year-old self

Ahmed Muzammil
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It wasn’t so long that I read Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuck. Learnt about the Theory of Pre-eminence from Jay Abraham, And I read All marketers are liars by Seth Godin. And suddenly, a thought stroke me. So I decided to post and I posted.

"I turned 28 last month. I wrote down a list of 101 things I would tell my 18 year old self. All the lessons learnt, my mistakes, my errors, what I learnt about startups, marketing, copywriting, business, productivity, corporates, self awareness and a lot more.
10 years of my life experience in a silver platter.
I am so grateful and privileged to have had a fast paced life, meeting a lot of mentors, working with a number of coaches, reading a lot of books, getting married to a lovely wife, having two wonderful boys. Woah it's a wonderful reflection.
I was a go getter all my life and hustled so hard to learn these. It wasn't all my own effort to get here, there's a lot of support from my family, my managers, my mentors, my friends, my Wife. Last but not least, God! I am so grateful to everybody.
Who wants a copy of that? Comment below."

The Advice from Gary Vaynerchuck, Jay Abraham, and Seth Godin

As a result of reading those books mentioned above, and listening to Jay Abraham, I thought of whom can I help, whom can I be a fiduciary to, whom can I be a trusted advisor to. I realized that I learnt a lot from a lot of books, and online courses, blogs and other sources.

I decided, it’s me who I am. I am a software developer, I am a business process analyst, I can speak without jargons to most non-techies, and I can master something and explain that in simpler terms.

Thus, I thought whom can I help at this moment. I thought of myself 10 years back. And I thought what if I could help the youngsters who are in college and are with fresh minds and fresh energy like I was back then. But without a mentor, I didn’t have a blueprint to follow.

They are the ones I can help immediately. This book is dedicated to 18-25 year olds who are a visionary, want to be a business owner, want to run a startup, want to learn sales and marketing, want to know how to manage their finances.

I didn’t seek for enough resources, mentors, courses, and especially, I hated to read books at that time when I was 18. I realize now that it is the biggest mistake I did in my lifetime. Books are the gem and fuel for knowledge. Once I started reading books, my life started changing.

Long story short, I learnt that it’s not what you have. Its whom you want to be. I said to myself, I want to be business owner like Richard Branson, Run multiple businesses, do a lot of charity, teach others and write a lot of books.

This is the first step I’m taking towards living my dream life and making a dent in this world.

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Ahmed Muzammil Jamal - a letter to my 18-year-old self

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